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After 20 plus years managing non-profit organizations globally, I wanted a career change and to start my own business. Another groomer suggested that I consider becoming a mobile groomer. As a dog lover and owner I researched the requirements to become a groomer. I soon enrolled in Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming in Dumfries, Virginia in the Fall of 2006 and subsequently graduated with honors. In January 2007, | started Pampered Pets Curbside Grooming Salon and Spa, LLC.incorporating my own dog's likenesses into the logo: Oreo (Maltese Yorkie mix), Joy (Boston Terrier), and Trevor (Maltese Yorkie mix).

In the fall of 2008, I launched Pampered Pets Grooming Accessories featuring handmade bandanas, key fobs, eyeglass cases, hand and kitchen towels, and pet themed jewelry for groomers and pet lovers. I sell the items at Groom Expo, the nation's largest grooming conference, and in the web store right here on my website.

I hold a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science from National Lewis University and am a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America. When I'm not grooming or making accessories I enjoy playing golf and reading a good book! However, my favorite pastime is cuddling with my dogs on the sofa in the evenings to read, bead, and watch television. I am married to wonderful husband and have an adoring son.

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